Size does matters.

▶ LASER CUTTING up to 4000 mm.
▶ SHEET BENDING up to 4000 mm.
▶ POWDER COATING up to 4000 mm.

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We provide welding for all types of ferrous and non-ferrous metals, sheet and profile material by using only quality consumables and equipment of the leading European manufacturers in the industry. We weld steel, stainless steel, aluminum and brass fasteners – capacity discharge (CD) up to M10 as well as SRM (DA) up to M16.

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Laser Cutting

We provide precise laser cutting of ferrous and non-ferrous metal sheets (Cold-rolled and Hot rolled), maximum optimisation of the material and high quality of the laser cut. We work upon files delivered by the customer or developed by our CAD/CAM specialists.

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Sheet bending

Fox Laser provides sheet metal bending with exceptionally high precision and quality thanks to the ultimate digital hydraulic press brakes of the Japanese manufacturer AMADA. We also have manual sectional panel bender, press brake and three-roll folding machine to make cylinder and cone forming.

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New and state-of-the-art machinery 

We never satisfy with anything but the best. We operate with last generation machines of high performance that guarantee rapidity, precision and quality of production. The new technologies facilitate the operation of our specialists and provide them with high efficiency while the performance always meets the required quality.

Advanced software

The state–of-the-art equipment requires advanced software to operate at its utmost capacity and we rely on it for programming our CNC machines. The 2D and 3D design software allows us to create the image and to survey the functionality of the product even at the design stage.


The quality of work is our distinguishing mark so we do not allow any compromise with performance. You can be sure that along with precision and accuracy, your order always will be completed within the agreed time schedule. 


A special team in FoxLaser is responsible for the development and design of tailor-made prototypes following your requirements. Thus we can coordinate and specify even the tiniest objects before initiating their serial production.  

Complex tasks

Thanks to our prolific experience and profound expertise we meet even the most intricate task with confidence and always find the best solution. We’re looking forward to your next challenge.


We believe the human factor is the key element for the high-quality performed work. To be sure we have the best professionals, we never stop to invest in the development and to provide our employees with training on site as well as abroad. 


The performance of FoxLaser is always of exceptional quality and within the schedule. When 24 hours are not enough - the capacity of our equipment can outrun it over and over.

1176 hours

per week

2D laser

over 100 000 meters for 24 hours at 1 mm thickness

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1344 hours

per week

CNC Bend

32250 pcs for 24 hours for stairs with 2 bends

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672 hours

per week

CNC Punch

1 152 000 pcs for 24 hours for standard holes of 1mm

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CNC Punch

72 hours in 24h

864000 pcs for 24 hours for standard holes of 1mm

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3D tube

5280pcs in 24 hours

4800 meters for 24 hours for standard profile 50x30x1.5 at 2D cut

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280hours in 24 hours

over 960 meters for 24 hours for continuous welding seam

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6600over 2000 м2 in 24 hours

300 м2 for 24 hours for brushing or grinding of sheet material 

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