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Production warehouse and processed materials

Fox Laser has high-quality equipment warehouse in the city of Sofia. Our facilities allow the following types of machining:

  • LASER CUTTING: mild steel – 20.0mm, stainless steel – 20.0*mm, aluminum – 16.0*mm, brass – 3.0mm; PMMA (Plexiglass®) – 10mm, wood/MDF-8.0mm, cardboard/paper-10.0mm etc.
  • LASER ENGRAVING AND MARKING: all metals and non-metals (excluding foamed PVC), wood and artificial wood, ceramics, stone and glass, metalized ABS, mechanic details, face panels and ready souvenirs, cork, leather and textile materials, cups etc.
  • SHEET BENDING: mild and stainless steel, aluminum, brass
  • WELDING: MIG/MAG/TIG, stud welding, spot-welding


1 3019th str., "Moderno predgradie" district, Sofia 1360