I. General

1. The present General Terms and Conditions shall apply to relations between "FOX LASER” EOOD (referred to as „FoxLaser”) and its customers assigning orders,  (refered to as „Customer” or “Customers”) as well as relations between FoxLaser and partners supplying materials, machinery, equipment and providing subcontracting (referred to as „Provider” or “Providers”).

2. These General Terms and Conditions comprise the contractual content of business relations between FoxLaser  and Customers, as well as between FoxLaser and Providers, as long as they are not supplemented or amended by special provisions - applicable or agreed for specific orders, deliveries, activities, actions or agreements. Both general  and special  terms and conditions  are binding for  the Customer/Provider as a set of regulations for business relations between them  and FoxLaser.

3. The legal force of the present General Terms and Conditions shall  not be limited in time and scope. They shall not refer  only to a separate order or transaction, provided by FoxLaser.

4. FoxLaser does not guarantee and shall not be liable for changes related to the legal regime of the order or transaction or for any circumstances occurred due to reasons beyond its control.

5. In relation to Regulation (EU) 2016/679, FoxLaser's Counterparties (Customers and Suppliers) declare agree to provide FoxLaser with personal data provided on the online queue for inquiries submitted via e-mail or on-site at the office. By agreeing to these General Terms and Conditions, the Counterparty hereby declares that he voluntarily provided his / her personal data and data to the persons authorized by him / her and expressly agrees that FoxLaser will store, process and use his / her personal data, those of the persons authorized thereby agrees and authorizes FoxLaser to provide information or personal data to the Counterparty to its lawyers, accountants, auditors and other external consultants and persons in a contractual relationship with FoxLaser, 
as well as other financial institutions in the country and abroad where they belong to the same business group or are affiliated with FoxLaser under the applicable law, including for the purpose of offering products, services, and research on products offered by FoxLaser and services.

II. Relationship with the Customers

1. All services provided by FoxLaser shall be calculated on the basis of the following factors: the current market value of the materials incorporated, necessary time for the production of the order and the human resource necessary for the performance of the service.

2. Any request, order and production order confirmation shall be delivered either electronically by e-mails, specified on FoxLaser website or on site at FoxLaser’s office by standard form for order acceptance. Each order shall be considered as a concluded Contract . Confirmation for  the commencement  of the manufacturing  order,  by the Customer,  on the phone shall be considered only as a start of the provision of material  on the current assignment. An official written request submitted on spot or electronically shall be considered as real assignment and  performance of an order.

3. A manufacturing order shall be considered as accepted by Fox Laser through a written confirmation by e-mail and/or by sending an Invoice to the Customer. The Customer shall  ensure the accuracy of the e-mail presented, so that e-mails sent from FoxLaser  can be received on their  address. In particular, if the Customer uses SPAM filters, it shall ensure delivery of all e-mails sent by FoxLaser.

4. FoxLaser proceeds to a detailed pricing only when all necessary technical information for the execution of the order is on its disposal: 3D models and assembled units generated and defined in a Sheetmetal or a Weldment environment.(*.sldprt, *.sldasm; *.stеp, *.iges); 2D CAD files (*.dxf, *.dwg) and vector drawings (CAD, *.pdf) with the relevant standards and tolerances; finishing operations; requirements for quality control by standards other than the work standards of FoxLaser, with specified important control sizes. The processing of drawings in all other formats (including submitted only on paper) shall be calculated on the basis of the processing time and shall be included in the offered price. Upon request by the Customer  and a presentation of all necessary documents and relevant information, an offer shall be drawn up, in a following manner:

4.1. For laser cutting, bending, welding, mechanical processing, fasteners instalation, pressing, engraving/marking, and/or painting of sheet material.

4.1.1 General Conditions for standard calculations when the order is performed with FoxLaser’s materials: In the calculation for laser cutting, where the practicability is under a whole sheet, the minimum value of the material is taken, which is a multiple of the width of the sheet (у) and 1/4 of its length (x), to which the time needed for a machine setting and for the cutting of the detail/details is then added. The previous applies to standard materials and to those materials that FoxLaser maintains in stock. In the need of purchasing a special material, the Customer pays 100% of its value, no matter how much of the material is used. In the calculation for the bending of the sheet, the time for preparation is taken into account, but not less than half an hour. The calculation of powder painting is based on the overall size or on an area basis, obtained through creating a 3D software drawing, but not less than 1 m2.

4.1.2. FoxLaser also performs orders with materials provided by the Customer. In such event, 20% are added on the time for laser cutting, due to the necessary changes in cutting conditions of the machines. The permissible merging in laser cutting with the Customer's material is up to 5% of the issue.

4.1.3. The Customer is aware and agrees that after the completion of the first order, FoxLaser reserves its right to post-calculate and correct the price in a  future re-assignments.

FoxLаser reserves its right to refuse an order with the customer’s material, if the supplied material does not meet  Fox Laser requirements[1], which includes: abnormal deviation in the flatness of the material, as follows: DC01 - EN 10130/EN10131 FS; S235/355/420 – EN10025/EN10051 FS; DX51D+Z275 - EN 10346/EN10143 FS; DX51D+AZ(Galvalume) - EN10346/EN10143 FS;    DX51D+ZM(Magnelis) - EN 10346/EN10143 FS ; any violation on the face surface, including dents, scratches, corrosion process started, etc.;

4.2. For 2D/3D laser cutting of metal tubes and profiles.

4.2.1. The Customer shall define the type of laser cutting to be applied – 2D or 3D and the precision of the products expected as an end result. FoxLaser active scan device. Each measurement takes an average of 3 (three) seconds, added to the total time for cutting. Depending on the complexity of the profile, the time of the 3D cutting can be increased up to 7 times.

4.2.2. The Customer is aware and accepts that when tightening (gripping) and bending, a traces and prints shall occur. They may be minimized, but cannot be avoided. The minimum amount of material required for the setup of the machine is 6(six) meters per rod. The required quantity is specified according to the parameters of the application for the order.

4.2.3. The Customer is aware and accepts that in 2D cutting of steel tubes and profiles, technologically, 150 mm (with 3D cutting – 320 mm) of the material will be untreated due to the need of space for the grip of the tubes and profiles, which is a specific material loss during the production. The permissible merging in laser cutting with the Customer's material is up to 5% of the issue.

4.2.4. The Customer  is aware and accepts that FoxLaser preforms cutting only when there are whole tube or profile lengths submitted but not less than 2500 mm + 150 mm (2D cutting) or +320 mm (3D cutting).

4.2.5. The Customer is aware and accepts that the tubes and profiles are handled on both sides (start and end of the geometry of the tube or profile).

4.2.6. The Customer is aware and accepts that the maximum size of a completed tube or profile shall be 4500 mm. 

4.2.7. The Customer is aware and accepts that the straightness of the steel tube and profiles has an impact on the accuracy of the completed tube or profile.

4.2.8. The Customer is aware and accepts that after the completion of the first order, FoxLaser reserves the right to post-calculate and correct the price in future re-assignments.

4.2.9. The Customer is aware and accepts that FoxLaser shall not be liable for any errors or omissions in the documentation submitted by the Customer. The correction of the latter shall be borne by the Customer.

5. Standard deadline for elaboration of a indicative offer by FoxLaser is 2(two) business days. Depending on the volume of the order and the integrity of the information received by the Customer, as well as in the absence of vector drawings, the period may be extended up to 5-7 business days. (Vectorization of drawings by FoxLaser shall be calculated in time and included in the offer). Correction of omissions and errors, made by the Customer will be additionally calculated, no matter at what stage of the execution of the order the adjustment they are made.

6. A specific offer shall be directed promptly on the official confirmation of the assignment and shall be submitted within 5 business days.

7. Each offer shall be valid for thirty (30) days. The proposed manufacturing term shall be valid upon confirmation within 2(two) business days, of  its obtainment. That shall be the time in which the requested materials are kept. The validity relates only to the services of FoxLaser. If there are changes in the price of the material before the order is confirmed by the Customer, FoxLaser reserves the right to undertake price adjustments. 

8. FoxLaser undertakes to perform standard orders for 10 business days. A standard order is considered to be the volume of work, for which no more than 2.5 tonnes of material and no more than 8-10 hours of cutting (laser cutting or punching) are needed. The manufacturing term for larger volume offers shall be calculated on the basis of the current load and planned production tasks. The same rule applies to complex orders, the terms for which shall be determined individually depending on the complexity of the operation.

9. If possible production orders shall be executed within 2 (two) days, in the event that the   assignment does not require delivery of specialized material and when the volumeof the order does not exceed 2 hours of cutting. Upon delivery of non-standard materials, the deadline for the execution of the assignment begins on the day on which the material is delivered at the location of FoxLaser.

10. The execution of every order by FoxLaser shall be performed on the basis of a pre-specified technologically productive process. If, in the course of the proceedings it is found impossible to execute the order, FoxLaser has the right to ask for a renegotiation of the contract price, due to the changes in technology or due to the additional costs for subcontracting. FoxLaser may also withdraw from the contract, handing over the details of the stage of the completion, and for this purpose to receive only 90% of the agreed amount, related to the stage of completion of details.

11. Standard pricing and payment terms:

11.1. Pricing

11.1.1.Minimum order value for the processing of the sheet material- 60 BGN including VAT(includes pricing for NC programming)

11.1.2. Expenses for 3D modeling – 75,00BGN/hour, but not less than ½ hour.

11.1.3. Expenses for 2D modeling – 35,00BGN/hour, but not less than ½ hour.

11.1.4. Expenses for NC programming - 25,00 BGN /pcs (only for new parts). Not charged for orders over 500.00BGN for laser cutting/punching of sheet material and for laser cutting of steel tube and profiles for over 1000BGN.

11.1.5. FoxLaser prices are EXW (ex works). Packaging, transport, shipping and custom chargers shall be charged separately. Transport insurance is concluded at the request of the Customer and at their expense.

11.2. Conditions

11.2.1. Before starting an execution of an order for a new Customer - 100% advance payment.

11.2.2. For orders for manufacturing of value under 300.00BGN – 100% advance payment.

11.2.3. For orders for manufacturing of value over 300.00BGN  – 50% advance payment, 50% when ready for forwarding.

11.3. Payment of an order is considered to have been performed when FoxLaser's account is credited with the payment equivalent. In the event of late payment, under conditions of deferred payment, the Customer shall pay a default  interest on amount of  10% on an annual basis. In case of partial payment of overdue liabilities the latter shall be redeemed in the order of their occurrence.

11.4. For Customer orders that vary from standard ones, a separate contract order shall be concluded where all terms and conditions and methods of payment shall be stipulated.

11.5. Production of samples (prototype products):

11.5.1. Laser cutting/punching of sheet material –the price shall be multiplied by three for the prototype product;

11.5.2. Laser cutting of steel tubes and profiles – 250.00 BGN/hour

11.6. In the event that for the performance of a certain assignment the manufacture or the purchase of a specialized non-standard instrument is necessary, the value of the latter is due 50% on starting the order and 50% when ready for forwarding. This provision is also applicable for the production of samples.

11.7.  In the event that the Customer cancels the order unilaterally after the performance of the advance payment was performed, but before the start of deliveries and production cycles, the Customer is entitled to receive back 50% of the amount paid. If the process of delivery or production has started, the Customer shall due all agreed amounts up to the stage of manufacturing. All manufactured material or details shall be handed over to the Customer with a Protocol of Delivery and Acceptance and an invoice.

11.8. In the event of impossibility to complete the order within the agreed term due to a FoxLasers’s fault, FoxLaser shall be responsible to compensate at the rate of 0,1% per day, limited to 10% of the order value. FoxLaser shall not be liable for delay or non-performance due to cases of force majeure circumstances, like delayed deliveries of raw materials, due to bad weather or severe accidents with the machines, related to the manufacturing of the specific order.

11.9 In case of unilateral withdrawal from the  order by FoxLaser within 24 hours of the formal assignment, the Customer is entitled to receive back the advance payment when the termination is due to the inability of FoxLaser to execute the order during the production process.

11.10. Normally, the packaging shall be performed by FoxLaser pursuant to established standards in order to prevent any possible defect caused during the transportation of the goods. If possible, the goods shall be packaged on new euro pallets, the price of which is included in the price of the package. FoxLaser buys back euro pallets, if they are returned in the same condition.

11.11. FoxLaser stores the finished products without charging a storage fee within 3(three) business days after the written notification  of the customer that it is ready for forwarding. Every next day shall be charged at 0.25 €/м2 per pallet-space or occupied area.

12.  Reclamation of a released production shall be submitted not later than 3 business days after their receipt.


III. Materials

FoxLaser maintains materials in stock, for which you can find information on the website, after receiving access permission. FoxLaser can supply standard material of any type, size and thickness.

Standard materials, rolled metal sheets and steel tubes and profiles:




ALUMINIUM: 1050, 5054

BRASS – 1/2H


IV. Relationship with Providers

1. Only approved according ISO 9001:2015 companies are allowed as Providers of materials for FoxLasers needs.

2. For each delivery of materials FoxLaser requires a certificate 3.1 or at least 2.2 and a declaration of conformity with the European standards by the Supplier.

3. FoxLaser does not accept the goods delivered in a package other than the original or such with packaging damage.

4. The rolled metal sheets and the steel tubes and profiles shall be accepted on the basis of issued documents, but when defects are established, leading to an inability for a correct performance during the cutting, a compensation is requested.

5. Each delivery from a Provider must be accompanied by a quality control document, proving the correct implementation, and a delivery and acceptance protocol where the number of FoxLaser order is indicated.

6. Any issued to FoxLaser invoice shall be paid within 30 days, unless another period agreed.

7. Invoices to  Providers shall be paid on the maturity date, but once a week – on Wednesday.


V. Standards

FoxLaser executes orders in accordance with the implemented quality standards: ISO 9001:2015;
For linear tolerances – ISO 2768-m;
For powder coating – DIN EN ISO 2409, ASTM D 3002, ASTM D 3359, EN ISO 9227, EN ISO 6270-2 CH;
For welded structures ISO 3834-2;
For machining of the sheeting – ISO 13715.

For all unsettled issues by present General Conditions, the provisions of the current Bulgarian legislation shall apply.

  1. Note: Please be aware that he “lower” side of the material is unprotected and scratches related to the installation/ removal of the material and the details on the machines for laser cutting are normally expected. Normally, each bending procedure leaves a trace on the part. In the event that the scratches are ineligible for the assignment, costs relating to the protection of the profile, preventing any traces, are added further up.