FoxLaser - Sheet Bending
FoxLaser - Sheet Bending

Sheet Bending

Sheet metal bending

The two key words when it comes to sheet metal bending are accuracy and quality. FoxLaser guarantees both, thanks to the latest generation of digital, hydraulic press brakes from the Japanese company AMADA.

The 7-axis control allows for a very fast process in the production of test parts and prototypes of bent sheet metal, as well as perfect repeatability of the bends in long series.

FoxLaser owns nine press brakes for bending, three of which of a brand-new generation, with the option of external programming. Combined with AMADA's specialized BendCam software, they speed up and improve the prototyping process immensely. We are proud owners of a large-sized press brake machine, which allows bending of sheet metal parts up to 4000 mm and also one with a capacity of 320 t by 3000 mm.

Additionally, we have manual sheet metal bending machines, press brakes and three-shaft rounds (for cylindrical and conical molding).